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This special EDition is a revolutionary chant against the menacing cantankerous demonic , satanic COVID 19. And again doubles as a bold and poetic supplication to the great Almighty God to release us off this pandemic bondage. This Edition is a poetically driven spiritual prayer for freedom of expression and freedom after expression. It carries turgid metaphors, succulent with meaning, rich of reason, accompanied with amazing verbal bravado slinged from defiant weapons of literary combatants. This edified special journal reflects inclusivity, exclusivity and diversity. We are also featuring #Winning Poems of the 2019 Inaugural Poetry Contest coupled with Judges verdicts. Despite these tumultuous times, we cheer and fervently ululate hard work done by our Jury team members notably Dr. Michael Dickel (Head Judge from Jerusalem, Israel) and his iconic team, Author Omwa Ombara (USA), Poet James Coburn (Oklahoma, USA) and our Prolific Writer Tracy Yvonne Breazile. Freedom Voices Poetry winners, first Prize Adesina Ajala (Nigeria), second Prize, Chrispah Munyoro (Zimbabwe), third Prize winner Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe are already part of the Brave Voices Combatants of Mass Instruction as our bold step to nurture talent and cultivating literary prowess. Unfortunately, we still owe them their monetary prizes. We are still working on mending that motivational gap. Another rich ingredient of special journal is the inclusion of prolific poets from the Be Zine ,Arts and Humanities Poetry month Edition edited and coordinated by our Versatile literary Arts Activism Partner Jamie Dedes and our Poetry Chef Michael Dickel . Brave Voices Press compliments the Bezine s bold response to the tumultuous COVID19 pandemic. A special mention goes to Professor Poet Wang Ping with her captivating visual poetry delivery.
#OUTSTANDING # Before we graze through this great literary offing. Let’s observe a minute of silence for the passing on of my biological MOTHER, Sylvia Maposa on the 29th of March 2020. Rest in the Warmth of godly Embrace beloved Goddess of all Times.