#1.The Brave Voices Quarterly # – A multi- dimensional collection of resistance poetry , hybrid literatures(protest) . artivism( fusion of shortfiction,Visual Arts and graffitti).

DEADLINES ( The Brave Voices Quarterly)

25th March 2021( for the April Magazine)- Send material( writings on the politics and the economics of COVID19).Maximum of three poems-20lines limit. one hybrid essay or personal essays 1000wordslimit. Shortfiction( shortstory) 1000 word limits. Visual arts , graffitti and graphics that (speaks )truth to power and (voice) freedom of expression . I PIECE accompanied by 50 word synopisis . All entries must be accompanied by 15 line tightly written bio-summary, writer/poet/artivist publishable (3) photos .

25 July 2021 (for the August Magazine)-theme TBA

25 November (for the December Magazine)- theme TBA

ON SUBMITTING Include your the TITLE OF your Submission, the submitted genre and your full name on the SUBJECT LINE.

# 2. Editorial Fellowships # ( A once quarteerly editing voluntary role to coordinate and edit Brave Voices Quarterly).It is a three month role that involves calling for SUBMISSIONS , compiling Contributors list , Influencing the themes/the Quarterly on SOCIAL MEDIA and eventually submitting edited content and the contributors list the CURATOR for publishing/archiving.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS(Editor in Residence)- A published poet with the verve to exprience journal curatorship, creative diversity , dissenting voices , revolutionary wordculture.( After being selected ,you submit 15 line biography, 3 publishable , 3 book covers and at least one piece of writing related to our editorial policy of 500 words or less.

BENEFITS( Editor in Residence)- rebranding and branding your writing ,editing brand.Experiencing literary knowledge diversity, gaining popularity and creating a more sustainable writing and artivism community.

#3. Literary Activism AND Artivism Profiling– profiling of human Rights Movements, Iconic freedom of expression collective , Artivist , Cultural , Social Justice and Writers Organisations across the globe . You can send the profile summary of the organisation , profile of the organisationa leadership and mission , activties ,projects and 5 images ( 1000words).

#4.Daily Brave Poem-this is a piece of work selected from archives or from any member poet/writer/artivist of ther collective to be featured on our website and social media. The Daily Brave Poem must contain the verve of human rights , verve of artivism and zeal of positive resistance to inequality.

All submissions are submitted to the EDITOR (bravevoicespoetry@gmail.com)


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