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BRAVE VOICES PRESS announces REBECCA ROBINSON as the Artist in Residence for the next one year from May 2020 to May 2021. This special announcement is rooted upon principles of creativity, exclusivity ,exclusivity and diversity.Rebecca Robinson is a Featured Artist-The Arts Council of Indianapolis -Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Art Intervention Project. Featured Artist-The Arts Council of Indianapolis HIGH ART/BILLBOARD PROJECT 2019-2020.Artwork “Ambivalent” – At The Chicago Museum of Science & Industry Jan/Feb 2020.Producer- The award-winning film The Color of Medicine Documentary. Featured Artist -National Endowment of The Arts.Robinson s  artworks are illustrious; her paintings carry dignity of life. Rebecca Robinson bravely wields her weapons, A Pencil and A Brush to communicate life messages, to speak positive change and to heal communities from daily life traumas. Her artistic prowess tripled with maturity and exuberance mesmerizes her audience, her readers and other communities’ home abroad.  Her wall exhibitions that include billboard painting projects exude versatility and diversity. Becky s creative career is an embodiment of spiritual reverence, emotional expression and humane contentment.


Courtesy of Becky Robinson

#Our new Artist in Residence will be developing Art Covers for our three forthcoming Brave Voices Poetry Journals and will work hand in glove with the Brave Voices Press Projects to produce quality product for readers, contributors, supporters and comrades

#The current Artist in Residence assists in broadcasting and influencing the Brave Voices Poetry Journal to different arts communities and mediums.

# Also effect the feel of artistry in the development of forthcoming posts, pages, special projects and Journals


Brave Voices Press will feature Rebecca Robinson artistry once a month  on the home site and other sites related to the Brave Voices Press.

  • Her artistic works and profiles will be featured on several social media platforms related to the Brave Voices Press
  • The Brave Voices Press Editor will periodically feature Arts reviews and Profile Articles on International web Platforms and Press until her term expires.


BECKY in Studio


In 2015, Becky embarked on a production project to create the film “The Color Of Medicine: The Story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital”. As a Co-Producer/Media Manager for the film, I wanted to create a portrait of the late Attorney Homer G. Phillips* in honor of his legacy and his contribution to St. Louis and the history of black medical professionals throughout the country. The film was a labor of love to honor my father and grandfather who both trained at Homer G. Phillips Hospital as well as other African American doctors and nurses. The painting currently hangs at Washington University School of Medicine and was a gift to Dr. Will Ross, Chairman of the Board of Health, St. Louis City. The Color of Medicine: The Story of Homer G. Phillips, recently received worldwide distribution and will be released on May 12th, 2020. To learn more visit

Attorney Homer Gilliam Philips

*Homer Gilliam Phillips was an American lawyer in St. Louis who was born in Pettis County, Missouri. He is mostly known as a Republican political figure in St. Louis and as the namesake of Homer G. Phillips Hospital. 




This mixed media piece was created to touch on the sensitivity of what “mankind” experiences on a daily basis. hardships, Injustices, stresses, anxiety, and personal worth.

The art piece is a pair of shoes on canvas with a background of hustle and bustle in the city/rat race. This art piece was on display in Washington, DC at the Center for Contemporary Political Art in 2019.


These paintings are two art pieces from a series of 4. The paintings depict the injustice of police brutality. This art piece was on display at Indiana Landmarks Rapp Family Gallery in 2018.

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This painting is a mixed media piece that symbolizes the importance of having a voice!  In 2019, The Arts Council of Indianapolis chose this painting for the 2019-2020 Billboard project and it will be on display for 1 year in Indianapolis. To learn more about the Billboard Project  


Mesmerizing Becky

This is a recent tee shirt I launched to commend all Artists! Especially for creatives who continue to make the world a more beautiful place for others and for those whose world is just a bit brighter because of it. -Rebecca Robinson

Purchase a Tee Shirt at  I would also like to mention the book I self published called “Arts Honor”. This book was written with creatives in mind. My personal art journey has not been easy but it has definitely been filled with life lessons, experiences and proof that determination, honing my craft and the relationships I have made along the way have been my greatest achievement. Purchase the book at 

 (I remember in 2008 I was attending an art auction for a prominent figure in Atlanta, Ga at his home. There were hundreds of people and the live auction began and my artpiece was next to start bidding. At the time, I auctioned my one of a kind handbag and all I remember were people taking it as a joke and laughing and making snide comments. I just remember leaving that event feeling humiliated and I never understood why everyone was so mean and disrespectful towards my art. I realized later, some people cannot relate to what they do not understand and I was not my job to teach them. I knew I had a responsibility to myself to create art for the love of art and not validation.)

Here is a link to a video documentary trailer about my art journey. Filming began in 2007 during a time I was discovering my place in the art world. I have come so far and still have so much work to do! Now maybe the time to finish the film about my love of art and how it has shaped my life today.



ICONIC Inaugural ARTIST IN RESIDENCE of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal, #Becky Robinson

#REBECCA ROBINSON studied fashion design in Atlanta, Ga. and continued her education at North Carolina Central University where she majored in Art/ VisualCommunications and graduated with high honors. Her background also includes art history, printmaking, photography, graphic design, film, and creative marketing. Rebecca is mostly known for her fashion design company (pronounced snob) which launched in 2001. In the spring of 2019, Rebecca began the initial stages of forming her nonprofit organization called “ONE ARRT TM”, which will become the first art supply brand that specifically supports all artists, art organizations, art education, museums/galleries and communities in need who would prosper with proper funding and resources. Rebecca has also contributed towards several nonprofit organizations throughout the country by auctioning her one of a kind handbags and fine art. Rebecca’s artwork has been featured in dozens of media outlets including; Jezebel Magazine, Pattern Magazine, New York Examiner, Points North Magazine, Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, The National Endowment Of The Arts and recently exhibited her painting made with the medium concrete and tar of jazz legend Miles Davis at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. In the summer of 2019, Rebecca was selected by the Arts Council of Indianapolis to showcase her work for the annual High Art Billboard project (2019-2020).  Rebecca is also a self-published author of the book “Arts Honor”. In 2018, Rebecca released the award-winning documentary film “The Color of Medicine” in which she worked as a co-producer and media manager. In honor of the historic documentary film, Rebecca received an official scroll from Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas from the county of Los Angeles for her contribution to preserving an important part of history and giving back to the community of St. Louis and beyond.


BRAVE VOICES PRESS #A digital literary arts culture Republic marking, the beginning of a new literary arts revolution .Its birthmarks are resistance and resilience. We sling words of resistance to dictatorship , super-power arrogance and to cantankerous cancerous autocratic systems. Wielding pens of resilience to crude-corrupt governments and unrepentant cash barons and war-lords in Africa and beyond featuring and archiving Resistance Poetry and Voices  of Mass Instruction . Word -Slingers  in trenches  in their struggle for Freedom of Expression and Freedom after Expression. #BRAVE VOICES POETRY JOURNAL is founded by Literary Arts Activism Diplomatie , International Human Rights Art Festival Fellowship Alumni , Poet in Residence of the Fictional Cafe , Contributing Essayist to Monk , Arts and Soul Magazine , Poetry Arts Activist in Residence at The Poet a Day and BeZine of Arts and Humanities. Founding Editor of the MIOMBOPUBLISHING and Chief Editor of the WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS.Mbizo Chirasha an award winning and Internationally acclaimed Poet from Zimbabwe.


His latest work is A Life Well-Lived, a selection of photos and stories of people across Nebraska highlighting their stories from the past 70 years. These are photographs and stories of those who might be forgotten in the rush of history.