Weary History

Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

“The terror answered: I am Orc, wreath’d round the accursed tree:
The times are ended; shadows pass the morning guns to break:
The fiery joy, that Urizen perverted to ten commands,
What night he led the starry hosts thro’ the wide wilderness:
That stony law I stamp to dust…” —William Blake
America a Prophecy, plate 10, copy I, 1793
Digital collage ©2021 Michael Dickel

Vicissitudes — January 6, 2021

 I am weary of riding on this
 blistering train wreck in slo-mo po-mo
 as each car accordions in cacophony.
 JFK, MLK, Jr., RFK assassinated
 John Lennon on the streets of New York
 Apartheid, Berlin Wall, USSR collapsingBay of Pigs, Gulf of Tonkin,Tet Offensive, My Lai MassacreCivil Rights Movement, Women’s Movement, GLBTQ+ Rights Movement endlessly debated
 Fall of Saigon, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, Iran unrequited…

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